I often travelled around the state with my scanner, and always wondered where the SAGRN towers that I was connecting to were located.
So using the information from www.sascan.net.au I created a map with the location of each SAGRN tower.
This map took me a couple of hours to do on Google Earth, as I am no pro when it comes to mapping and importing on Google Earth.
So here is an embedded view of the SAGRN Towers (Sites).

The SAGRN Towers (or sites) are split into 5 regions.
The map has sorted the towers into their designated region.
The map shows you the location of each tower, and if you click on the tower - it will show you the data and voice channels assigned to that tower.
Click here to view a more larger map!

You can click on the menu icon on the upper left hand corner of the map to disable / enable regions.